Busting 5 Website Myths of 2021

Busting 5 Website Myths of 2021 | Galekt

In the previous blog, we touched upon the need for your business to have an online presence in terms of a professional website, especially in this uber-competitive market space. You can read the article here, Why your business needs a website in 2021.

Now that you know the importance of having a website, we decided to burst a few bubbles about the same. Many myths surround a working website – while a few are misconceptions, others are just self-baked perceptions.

We at Galekt took it upon ourselves to bust the website myths and impart some real website knowledge. The castle of intelligence had to dig deep and study market insights to understand what people actually feel after having a website. So brace yourselves, because there’s a high chance of you genuinely believing in one of these myths!

Once Your Website is Live, It will Attract Customers Automatically

Okay. This perception comes mostly because of the excitement of having a website and showing it to new visitors. But you need to understand that it’s a website at the end of the day, and not Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, where a Genie would appear out of nowhere and say, “Hail My Lord”.

Would you think the same way had you opened an offline shop? Definitely not. Then why this expectation from your website that has just become live?

Website is a continuous process of self-improvement, development, and many permutations and combinations that take a significant amount of time, a specific skill set, and extensive research. It takes a lot of effort to generate website traffic, ensure lower bounce rates, encourage leads, and then turn them into conversions. For this, you need search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, Google Display ads, and effective full-proof digital marketing strategies.

Attracting visitors online to your website is a never-ending process, and the strategies only get updated with time.

If Your Products And Services Are Great, Then Your Website Design Doesn’t Matter.

If that would have been the case, you wouldn’t have needed a website in the first place. There’s a reason why they say, “The first impression is the last impression”. No matter how good your products and services are, people would only notice them if you have a good looking website with an efficient user experience and quality user interface.

And it works both ways. An aesthetically appealing website would attract new visitors and increase website traffic, but it won’t always guarantee sales, as it’s also about the quality of your products or services followed by your after-sales service that creates a reputation in the market and affects your business. Do not forget the real purpose of having a website – to grow your business manifold and to put your business out in front of as many ideal customers as you can.

Yes, a visually appealing website with a great user experience may result in sales once, but recurring sales depends on how well you treat your customers and the value you provide to them.

Simply put, it’s a two-way street. A good website adds value to an already working business, and a business with quality products and customer service complements a good website.

You Need Not Pay Heed To Your Website Once It’s Live

Think of it as, if you have an offline shop, would you not look after it and splurge a bit on maintenance to save it from “n” number of factors like water leakage, termites, etc.? The same applies to a website.

You need to nurture a website and keep updating it to best suit your business needs. While renewing your domain is a must, protecting and maintaining your website against any kind of bots, malware and cyber-attacks is something that you’ll need to constantly check upon.

Updating SEO tactics and updating website content to suit the market needs will keep your website in the hunt, letting it attract visitors constantly.

Creating a Website Is A Long Process & Too Expensive

A website is termed to be a long and expensive process by business owners. Well, it’s a half-baked story with no research being done into that statement.

Let’s say you’re buying a car. Would you buy a cheap car provided some of the work needed in it can be done by you? Now think the same about a website. You could build the cheapest of websites and put them to function. But they may have a forgetting user experience, be too hard to navigate, and take too much time to load.

Quality websites come at a price, yes. But they are surely not expensive, especially when compared to the cost of an offline rental shop. Building a quality, easy-to-navigate website that loads quickly and has a great user interface is affordable with Galekt.

With us, you get website template options that are best suited for your business niche, so that you stand out.

Your Website Will Rank On Search Engine Pages From Day 1

If you thought you could get your website to rank on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in a day, think again! Search Engine Optimization is a technologically oriented process coupled with the creative use of keywords and other tactics, which take a significant time. But once done, it is of great value in the long run. SEO is not easy, requires a lot of permutations-combinations, and immense patience; which is why most business owners quit their SEO strategy in a month or two after seeing undesirable results.

Think of SEO as a compounding interest calculator – the more you invest your time and stay put, the greater the value of returns. At Galekt, we normally suggest a 4-month SEO campaign at least, with a lot of backlink generation and on-page optimization. This is coupled with other digital marketing techniques and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads so that the website traffic generation gets accelerated.

Phew! Those were some important myths, busted by us. So now you know what it means to have a website. It means constant determination, great dedication, and never-ending passion to make your business better and a pleasurable experience for the customer.

While you focus on the aforementioned points, let Galekt focus on your website design, maintenance, SEO tactics, website traffic, lead generation and other digital strategies.

Yes, a website is definitely the need of the hour for businesses especially in 2021. But not to forget that it’s a continuous process, and if done right, gets you the best of returns.

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