If you’re here, you’ve already read about the Knight and its patterns. To sum it up practically, we design websites, mobile apps, brand identities, social media strategies, and sometimes even your mood. All in all, we design experiences that are tailor-made for you and your businesses.

Design at Galekt

UI Design

User Interface (UI) is the visual appearance of a product, and in this stage, we decide how should your product look to your customer and be in compliance with market standards through research, UI trends, and years of design experience. This stage helps us build what we call a mock-up or a prototype of your product.

UI & UX Review

You review the prototype and give us your valuable feedback. We prefer a no-holds-barred approach wherein you tell us about the positives and negatives and we phase out the chinks in the armour to ensure the product usability and feasibility for your customers.

UX Design & Data Modeling

We define your software from the ground up including its structure, data objects, etc. This helps us in developing the User Experience and Structural Design of your product. Say hello to customer loyalty as the UX Design helps in identifying bottlenecks and increases retention rates.

Social Media Strategy

Did someone mention that we’d have to stick to our hobby to help clients make money? Because most of us are always on social media, working our fingers to the bone (pun intended). Just like the pillars of this castle, interaction and engagement are the two most important pillars of social media. With Galekt, we help formulate the tone-of-voice of your brand. Let’s get you famous then!

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