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The castle is all about creating a seamless experience that focuses on being the best of technology by manifesting itself in a proper application. Our team is the best at understanding your product development needs and delivering in the best way possible to meet your expectations.

Build your idea and shape it with us.
Test your product functionality with target audience with closed tests.
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But this is done through a step-by-step process that involves different use of technique and technology. Here’s how we go about things to unlock the untapped potential of product development for your company.

product design

Product Design

This is where we dive into your business ecosystem to understand how it functions as we explore the market trends, read your requirements and know your capabilities. This is then studied to further ideate and have an integrated design viewpoint for your brand, starting from a prototype.

Product Design includes a thorough study that enables us to arrive at a consensus with a user tested prototype. This is more like a sprint process wherein we go through every technicality which is needed for the development of the product.

The team at Galekt loves this phase of Product Development, as it’s all about brainstorming with a coffee in one hand and a pen in another. This is where insights galore, ideas follow, and a full-fledged design mapping is done to get a look of what the product design could look like. The blueprint is then converted into a prototype that is ready to be tested with real users.

We generate a feedback to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Changes are made accordingly as we are on to developing an actual product for your company.

User Interface Development

Developing User Interface and Experience

Once we have the prototype, it is all about making it easy and creating an experience for the user. At Galekt, the overall design process is done keeping the user in mind, by combining our professional expertise with the client requirements. We conduct a user research, conduct a survey, study and understand their personas, and define a site map. There’s a proper mockup test to discover how the mobile or web app fares out. Our modern UI leverages next-gen technology that solves problems and is accustomed to intelligent algorithm patterns.

The castle also provides complete end-to-end assistance in the design and development process of high caliber software, ensuring a scalable and extensive UI architecture.

We see to it that our mobile-optimized data visualization and dashboards are convenient, by generating a set of deliverables. This is only possible with apt communication through designers, stakeholders, and other team players.

Product Integration 1

Product Integration

This is where we put the conceptualization into execution and design the software product development through an integration process that bridges the gaps and focuses on achieving the productivity of software development. Our solutions minimize costs, leverage prompt end-user requirements, and increase overall organizational efficiency.

We also provide MVP solutions, which is basically a 1.0 version of the product. This helps in quick analysis and changes if needed, wherein we improve a product and then launch it completely in the market. This is a go-to strategy for startups as a basic functional model is great to attract investors and also results in smooth market entry.

Product Testing and Optimization

Testing and Optimization

Galekt streamlines the entire process and also sticks around after delivering. The castle is here to stay – to help you, guide and and to serve you throughout.

It’s that simple when you’re working with Galekt. We not only optimize your product accordingly but also integrate new services to leverage the extensive outcome provided by your software application.

Galekt is all about developing digital solutions for all business domains be it e-commerce apps, digital healthcare solutions, restaurant delivery apps, security portals, financial services apps, audio & video streaming apps, and many more… The list goes on with the castle!

We converge diverse technologies to provide best in class digital solutions.

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