Get to know our castle whilst you introduce us to your brand, your idea and ideals, all through a free no-obligation consultation. This is more like a collaborative process where you get to comprehend about the digital world and let us understand your business, the audiences it serves, and the opportunities that lay ahead. Let’s see what this path unfolds for your business.

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Scoping Sessions

A scoping session is to identify and understand your professional requirements and convey your business idea to us in an interactive session. Our team articulates your business by getting to know you first, then listing your expectations, comprehending all the parameters, noting down all the basic requirements, and developing it into a Scope Document, which further allows us to prepare an initial scope of work.


We come in and jam together, while the rest takes care of itself as we discuss, plan, and list out the technical and human insights we need to carve the creative pathway ahead for your business. Herein, the main idea is what marketing strategies and technical orientation we shall put to use so that your business turns into a brand.

Research & Realization

This is where our team digs really hard, commencing with the audience you cater to and also discovering a new set of target markets you could potentially have. This is your overall business analysis in simple terms.

It all starts with following your customers and understanding your interactions with them as a brand. We like to call this the R&R phase wherein we start with Research, and after thorough communication, Realize your needs – anything to make the castle grow bigger and better!

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