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The castle of everything that’s digital.
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We’re Galekt, a technology and digital marketing start-up that’s all about making the difference! We make you visible with ideas that roar and results that manifest. 

Our brand name is an amalgamation of ‘Gala’, and ‘Intellect’. Gala means a castle in Turkmen, making us “A Castle that celebrates Intelligence”.

The former states that working with us is no less than a celebratory occasion, a festival; wherein the latter denotes love for intellect, that of the client and our own.

Galekt is all about identifying path-breaking solutions for businesses to help them build their own castles – that have growth, engagement, ROI; all things nice as their pillars.

Galekt digital meets cultural creativity

Where Digital Meets
Cultural Creativity.

You come for the ideas, stay for the experience, and leave with results. We mean it when we say we help brands build their own castles – the real ones that reap rewards.

Think of us as the castle on the chess-board, malleable and ever adaptive, with its 4 main pillars of foundation.

At Galekt, we identify path-breaking solutions by merging elements of your business with just the right mix of creative and technological insight.

The Four Pillars of Galekt Approach


The first step is similar to that of a pawn – discovering the surrounding and maneuvering mindfully. This is where we give you a glimpse of our castle with a free consultation, and discover every aspect of your requirements. Want to discover a new pathway for your brand to leverage success and ROI?


Ever seen a Knight on the chess board, designing its way through patterns as it jumps over everyone to see what the trends are? That’s exactly what we do at Galekt, designing each and every cornerstone of your brand! At Galekt, we have a design approach towards everything, as it later transcends into intelligence that’s appealing to the eye.


With Galekt, the wisdom keeps proliferating, as the castles keep expanding. How? We dig deeper to understand your brand better. Once done, we play the pieces to our strength, unleashing the rooks and bishops to build on the castle and stamp our authority.


Here, it’s about giving the audience what they came for; mind-boggling content and great customer service. We take care of the former, you look in at the latter, and we together see your brand scale greater heights. This is as good as winning the Queen – and that happens only when you’ve grown exponentially and scaled enough territory. The castle just got bigger, thanks to Galekt.

What we can do for you.

Galekt is with you every step of the way. Even after the product has been delivered or the campaign has ended – the castle is here to stay, as your ally. We have everyone in this castle, right from tech nerds to growth hackers, from storytellers to illustrators, from data scientists to troubleshooters. Here’s a glimpse of what the castle provides!

Full-cycle Product Development

With mobile apps being used much more than websites, it’s high time you put your foot on the pedal. With Galekt, the process is cost-efficient. Plus, it uses the most modern and adaptive technologies to get the job done for your brand.

Website Development

If having a website is something you’re still contemplating about, you’re at the right place – for we help you take baby steps in the digital world. From CMS website development to E-commerce websites, we provide top-notch web development solutions. Think of each of our developer as a Picasso, with your website as a canvas. End result – a website that is smooth, effortless, and yields magic.

Social Media Marketing

At Galekt, we thoroughly believe in RIEL – Reach, Interactions, Engagement, Leads! A proven formula for the citadel to keep expanding. But this is only possible through a campaign that is backed by thorough research, has its target market on point, is advertising in the right place, and most importantly, resonates the tone-of-voice of your brand, meaning what your brand stands for. We know what works on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And yes, it’s much more than hashtags and influencers.

The G in Galekt stands for Growth.

We are here to help you grow manifolds. To hold your ground and thrive against the tide. To make it worthwhile till it lasts – and with Galekt, it lasts forever! 

What keeps us sane? The feeling of collaborating with the best minds in the business to carve the best ideas for your brand!

The name has changed, the team hasn’t. As you’ve seen above, Weben Tech is now Galekt. 

The tech firm is now a castle of intelligence, but that doesn’t make our approach any different. In fact, we have more might, more hunger, and double the spark in ourselves!

Weben Tech is now Galekt

Get an honest opinion about your brand or your next product idea.

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What people say about us

Hear what our esteemed clients have to say about the work ethics at the castle. We work hard, brew fresh ideas, get organic reviews, and then party harder!

Galekt digital customer review icon
“I tasked Galekt with making our PMS Pest Control website. It turned out to be accurate and nice as per the website design they did for us. All the team and Mr Bhushan was very co-operative in this aspect. I am very satisfied with this website. I will also refer to all in my friend circle for their services.”
Praful Visavadiya
PMS Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot
“Bhushan was very helpful and always had good communication with me. He went above and beyond to help me with my project. I really liked his ability to problem solve and a creative mindset. Good job.”
Jaspreet S.
Software Engineer, Australia
“Clean and concise communication. They understood our requirements very well and even suggested us with some concepts for our website and how to tag it along with our social media campaigns. Really pocket friendly solutions advised in simple and easy manner for us to understand.”
Jaydeep M.
Shaburi Restaurant & Cafe, Rajkot
“Bhushan and his team were swift in addressing any concerns I could possibly have and were bang on in terms of the final output. They were not "yes men" and told me off where I was going astray, all in the interest of making my brand reach its goals. An absolute pleasure working with the young and dynamic team ably guided by Bhushan. Galekt for the Win.”
Mumbai & U.S.A.
“This is the first time that we are establishing our online presence. The team understood that perfectly and guided us patiently to make our transition to have an online image of our own in form of a website. Budget friendly website development provided and Mr. Bhushan even helped us understand how to maintain our products on the website on our own as well. Highly recommended!”
Pankaj K.
Shivdhara Rakhi and Jewels, Rajkot
“I hired Bhushan for creating contact forms for my website. He understood my requirements very quickly. He also showed so much interest in understanding and doing the work. He even noticed some of the issues that were there in my website and suggested measures to correct them. The forms that he created were good. The best part was that he delivered the project within few hours. I loved working with him and will hire him again for sure.”
Pallavi M.
Web Developer, Mumbai
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Why should I connect with Galekt?

One word. Castle! Albeit that should be enough for brands to come and talk with us over a cup of joe, here is another strong reasoning for you to connect with us!

Be it intriguing website designs or top-notch mobile app development, insightful digital marketing campaigns or dynamic brand strategies; we bank on our creative acumen and technical know-how to get the job done for you.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So when we code to very high standards and brainstorm to lightning bolt solutions to make your brand or your idea succeed, it’s the time you invest in us that makes all the difference.

You could be one of these happy clients as well. All you need to do is take the next step and schedule a consultation!

A great strategy begins with an even better story!

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