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The castle perfect for RIEL – Reach, Interactions, Engagement, Leads.

Over 1.7 billion people use the social media platforms like Facebook every day, and about 600 million people are swiping through Instagram daily. What does this mean for your business?

This means there’s a whole new set of opportunities for your brand to explore, to reach out to new audiences, to expand its horizons. And with Galekt’s result-driven social media marketing services, it is your brand’s chance to create history!

And no, by social media marketing we don’t just mean posting and doing a couple of paid posts a week. It is about understanding the algorithm of each social media platform and optimizing the strategy accordingly; it is about coming up with new content ideas which not only stick to your brand ethos but are engaging enough to give you a decent organic reach – a delicate thing to promise. But that’s what we are here for. Leave it on the castle full of intellects.

Social Media Marketing at Galekt

Attract Your Audience.

It often happens that people get carried away seeing the expansion of social media platforms, resulting in targeting everyone instead of the right audience. They soon go over budget and abandon their social media presence, thus losing out on one of the most cost-effective forms of digital advertising. Reaching out to (only) the right audience is extremely critical, but most importantly, it is about knowing the right audience. If you don’t know who your customers are, how will you reach out to them?

We help you identify the right target market by doing the right research. With our social media campaigns, you get to isolate people based on their location, skills, associations, and interests. Once isolated, you have your specific target audience. By doing this, we have indirectly given you an audience that is bound to engage with your content.

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Target your Audience Specifically
  • A certain % of Engagement Guaranteed

With Galekt, you’re directly targeting the audience, not the keywords!

Build a Rapport.
Engage Your Audience!

People do not follow you for what products or services you provide, they only (and only) follow you for the content you provide. Content is King. Content is Queen. Content is everything you need to make people take notice of your castle, but it has to be in the right direction. Social media users would only engage with your brand if you churn out intriguing posts that lure them. Our social media nerds understand this, and do not shy away from taking the prerogative to make your brand stand out! Once they have their coffee, they collaborate to come up with the best insights, designing and creating compelling social media ad campaigns across platforms.

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Instagram Algorithms
  • Twitter Trends and Hashtags
  • LinkedIn Proficiency
  • Pinterest Posts
Be more visible organically
Promote content that
Expand your
brand awareness

Compel your audience to follow you with a unique strategy tailor-made for growth.

Your Audience, Your Customer.

Getting leads through your social media campaign has only one goal – drive traffic to your website and (if any) and influence sales. This requires a brand to tread carefully, fostering the audience at all times to ensure the algorithm works in our favour. With limited organic exposure, every brand out there is spending on social media ads, making it all the more difficult for brands to stand out even with splurging. But you’re in good hands (thanks to us). We don’t just call ourselves the castle of intelligence like that. Great exposure with even greater results is our motto, so just sit back and relax, let our customized ad campaigns work their magic.

Grow Your  

A perfectly planned campaign can turn your audiences into customers.

Metrics & Campaign Analytics

Here we take a look at the campaign and analyze it upside down – in case we want to tweak it or bring in some adjustments based on the findings we gather. This is where our data scientists make their presence felt, coming up with a detailed report on campaign analysis – saying what was done the best, and what could be done better.

  • Engagement Analysis
  • Success Tracking
  • Campaign Fulfilment
  • Account Handle Performance

Just a way for Galekt proving it to you that we did it!

The Galekt Way of Social Media Marketing

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Understanding your brand

We start by understanding your brand’s positioning and strategy, and even derive it if there is none (visit branding page to know more about branding). We perform a deep analysis of your brand along with the target market it serves.

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Analysis of competitors and market trends

Once we have an understanding of our brand, we follow it up with rigorous competitor analysis, wherein our team analyses their campaigns and studies the strategies that have worked for them. Our team then hunts for valuable insights coupled with market trends for social media optimization, which in turn form the core of your brand’s social media strategy. We dig deeper to know what trends shall work for your brand - be it influencer marketing, UX stories, E-commerce help posts, or Augmented Reality.

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Formulate Engaging Content

Here we let our creatives do the talking, with our visionaries doing the job for your brand. This happens only after we have successfully done the A/B testing for a post with different options for text and photo/video. A lot of factors like the Instagram Algorithm, Twitter Threads, and Facebook Ad campaigns are taken into account.

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Tracking your Page Performance

A good social media strategy with better engagement would result in increased visibility of the website, thus resulting in improved search engine rankings, higher leads, and more chances of conversion. Galekt ensures this through continuous campaign tracking. Our data scientists regularly gather data on the campaign performance so that we can optimize the social media strategy for improved results. We keep you updated with all the analytics reports so that you know where your brand stands with Galekt by its side.

At Galekt, we work in tandem with your social media channels and website. We optimize the overall content strategy and merge it with your website’s SEO tactics as well as the landing page design. This way, the traffic drawn to your website through social media stays ongoing and even keeps increasing if you indulge in paid campaigns.

Galekt helps your business and its brand get the recognition it deserves through one-of-its-kind social media marketing plans. And as we always say, consumers are 80% more likely to buy from a brand they recognize immediately. But for that to happen, you have to be engaging and have a social media presence, especially if you own an SME.

Being social means being a people’s person! It means being responsive, funny, and no less than an occasion. It means being Galekt!

Want us to work with you and increase your brand’s social media presence?

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